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Cat Stool[ Max ]

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◉ Cat Stool
“Nail scratching stool with tall iron legs”
A tall cat sharpener "Cat Stool" made as furniture for cats that does not spoil the atmosphere of the room.

The cat scratches carefully bond premium reinforced cardboard, and the iron legs are made by iron craftsmen in every process from bending to welding and painting. A magnet is built inside the nail scratch that makes the joint between the scratch and the iron leg easy to attach and detach without using tools.
※After delivery, you can use it immediately without troublesome assembly.

The height is about 46.5 cm, which is common to all sizes, and it is designed to be a height that is suitable for cats to jump on. Cat can jump on it and sharpen its claws or lie down on the nail scratch, you can use it as you like a cat of the day.

Body size: Width 68cm * Height 46.5cm * Depth 31.5cm
Scratches: Width 68cm * Height 34cm * Depth 31.5cm
Iron legs: Width 43cm * Height 14.5cm * Depth 24.5cm
Slight error may cause about the size.
Made in JAPAN

■ Materials used
Nail Scratch: Premium reinforced cardboard
Side frame: Cherry wood
Glue: Polyvinyl acetate resin
Iron leg: Iron
Elements in cat scratch: Urethane form, Magnet
Caps for legs: Natural rubber

◎Line up multiple cat stools on a nail sharpening bench
When you arrange multiple cat stools side-by-side according to the size of the room, you can use it luxuriously as a nail scratching bench exclusively for cats that are beautiful to look at.

◎Without tools, easy to attach / detach!
There is a built-in "strong magnet" in the groove part of the nail scratch, so you can easily attach it just by adjusting the bar of the iron leg according to the groove. Slowly align the two grooves on the bottom of the nail sharpening and the two bars on the top of the iron leg and put it on.
※After delivery, you can use it immediately without troublesome assembly.

◎Professionalism and Features
For nail scratch, premium reinforced cardboard is used, and each sheet is carefully bonded so that there is no misalignment.
Iron legs are made by Japanese iron craftsmen through all processes from bending to welding and painting one by one.
For the side of stool, we pursue the unique texture of wood. We use cherry wood with a sense of luxury rather than printing.


◉ About Premium Reinforced Cardboard
"Premium reinforced cardboard boasting the world's highest strength, shock absorption, and durability"
Reinforced cardboard that combines overwhelming strength and shock absorption is used for the export of precision machinery and automobile parts. A special paper that is thicker and harder than general reinforced cardboard is used for the liner, and the wave part is also firm and high strength. Even if the cat sharpens its nails every day, the deterioration of the nail sharpening itself is small and can be used for a long time. In addition, it is difficult to get out the fine paper garbage that comes out after sharpening the nails, so you can save the trouble of cleaning.

◉ About Wood Frame
"Cherry wood frame decorating both sides of the stool"
For both sides of the nail scratch, cherry wood is used instead of printing in pursuit of the unique texture of wood. This wood, which has been loved from all over the world for a wide range of applications such as furniture since ancient times due to its durability, luxury, and unique texture, is made by the careful handwork of woodworking craftsmen in Miyazaki Prefecture.

* Customs and other charges
If customs duties or other fees are incurred, please bear them separately.
The expenses incurred on taxes and other charges in the importing country
will be borne by the customer.
We cannot assume any responsibility for delays caused by transportation,
customs clearance, or any other factors.


▪︎ Cat Scratches
Card board, Cherry wood
▪︎ Cat Stools
Card board, Cherry wood, Iron, Magnet, Natural rubber


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